Wednesday, August 7, 2013

[PHOTOS + Interview] Kim Hyun Joong's interview by Naver (Scientist Dream Kid)

Credit : Naver, Cheezeemelt501, & glassy14

"To tell the truth, my dream as a child was to be a scientist not a singer" - Kim Hyun Joong

KHJ's interview was released yesterday by Naver Star Column. Translation by @Cheezeemelt501 (twitter)

"To tell the truth, my dream as a child was to be a scientist not a singer" - Kim Hyun Joong
"At house, I will re-assembled our electronic devices and played with it." - Kim Hyun Joong
"Not long ago, I watched one episode in Discovery Channel about Mammoth Cloning. I really enjoyed watching it" - Kim Hyun Joong
"During highschool, I really like music a lot that sometimes I did not attend classes" - Kim Hyun Joong
"I really like eating only ramyeon when I was making music (during highschool)" - Kim Hyun Joong
"It was really hard back then when we were doing our band activity. But when I'm thinking about it now, I think It was fun" - KHJ
"I did a lot of part-time jobs when I was young. Memorable one was from a family restaurant" - Kim Hyun Joong
"The restaurant manager gave me the nickname "A" bec. he believes that I will surpass the popular singer 'Rain' (Bi)" - Kim Hyun Joong
"I met the restaurant manager after 11yrs and b4 he used to call me "Hyun Joong-ah" but he now he called me "Hyunjoong-ssi" - KHJ
"Friendship is very important to me. JYJ's JaeJoong is one of my friends. We spent Christmas together 2-3 years in a row" - Kim Hyun Joong
"Jae and I lived together before. I don't think he is my rival though" - Kim Hyun Joong
"I sometimes get in touch with SS501 members. I recently kept in touch with Kyu Jong." - Kim Hyun Joong
"During my part-time job, I learned alot of things including how to treat people correctly" - Kim Hyun Joong
"Back then, I always thought of the customer's satisfaction. They should always be happy." - Kim Hyun Joong
"After 11 years, I met again the restaurant owner where I worked for before. I recognized him when we had eye contact -c-"
-c- then I remembered his name. In the past, he used to call me "Hyun Joong-ah" but now its "Hyun Joong-ssi" I felt strange.

by Glassy14

- some times people I know ask me "if your friend and your wife are in danger, who will you save 1st?" definitely my wife!!"-KHJ. 
- "many people are curios if I like music more or acting, I'm a little more toward music, like 1%." - Kim Hyun Joong
- "when you do music and acting together, that's a win!"- Kim Hyun Joong