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[4D News] Kim Hyun Joong to host fan meet with a talk show format

Hallyu star Kim Hyun Joong will be holding his first fan meet of the year on January 21st at Jamsil Indoor Stadium in Seoul. And although there is a fee to get in, it will only cost fans around $17 USD.
It’s been announced that the entrance fee will amount to roughly $17 USD per attendee. Rather than being held at a small-scale venue, the fan meet is being held at Jamsil Stadium, which can seat over 7,000 people.
The fan meet will be different from ordinary fan meets and the format will feel more like a talk show. Kim Hyun Joong will also be performing ten songs total from his first mini album ‘Breakdown‘ and his second mini-album ‘Lucky‘. To be honest, the fan meet is no different from a small concert.
Korean artists who use the facility and all of its lighting and sound equipment charge an entrance fee of anywhere between 40~70 USD, but Kim Hyun Joong is not even charging half that. He may break even if lucky, but will most likely lose money over the event.
Key East Entertainment‘s Music Business Director Kang In Suk remarked, “Honestly, the fan meet is no different from a small independent concert, but we are proceeding because Kim Hyun Joong requested that we do it this way. We will not be making any money, and we are thinking of it as a special service for the fans.”
The fan meet was also scheduled abruptly without much notice, and the reason for that is Kim Hyun Joong will be spending a lot of time in Japan this year promoting his music. He did not want his Korean fans to feel disappointed, and is starting the new year off right by greeting them first.
Kim Hyun Joong’s love for his fans does not stop there. A large corporation had proposed to do a promotion with the singer, but Kim Hyun Joong refused. Director Kang explained, He did not want the fans to spend their money so that he could earn some more money.”
Since his debut with SS501, Kim Hyun Joong has been known for being unique and being a man of his word. And even at super stardom, he has not changed a bit. He is aware that it is the fans that made him into who he is today, and his love for them is unparalleled.
Director Kang remarked, “From the agency’s point of view, we know the company could benefit a lot more if he would give in, and it’s too bad. However when I look at him as just another person, he is truly a real, unwavering man of his word,” and gave a thumbs up.
Meanwhile, it was recently discovered that the singer also donated over $80,000 to a good cause without even telling his agency. Compared to other celebrities that announce their charity work through press releases, Kim Hyun Joong is an admirable young man.
Kim Hyun Joong is a celebrity who is making his agency spend money for his fans. For one reason or another, he will bring tears to the eyes of original Hallyu star Bae Yong Jun, the head of Key East Entertainment.

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Source & Image: MyDaily via Naver
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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

[4D News] Kim Hyun Joong is an Ad King

Kim Hyun Joong is over the moon because of the pouring CF love calls.

He won recognition as a solo singer since his two recently released mini albums topped various music charts, ranking No. 5 on the World album chart, No.1 on the Biggest jump of American billboard chart and No.1 on the Oricon Important chart.

His activities after his first official solo album release also drew public’s expectation as he actually topped Oricon chart even beating Beyonce and Lady Gaga with the mini album ‘Break Down’

These explosive attention for Kim Hyun Joong continued in the advertising field. Truly the most powerful ’Ad king’, Kim Hyun Joong signed contracts with many brands of cosmetics, clothes, jewelries, snacks, aesthetics and etc. He is also currently having negotiations with brands of alcohol, appliances, and restaurants for advertising contracts.

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Monday, December 26, 2011

[4D News] Kim Hyun Joong secretly donates 100 million won

It has been reported that Kim Hyun Joong has secretly donated 100 million won to help people in need.

On December 26, a spokesperson for the Red Cross reported that Kim donated 50 million won to the Red Cross in early November before his concert tour in Japan.

Kim also donated 50 million won to the Briquette Delivery of Love. After secretly donating total 100 million won, he went to Japan for his two-week concert tour.

A spokesperson for the Red Cross said, “In early or mid-November, Kim’s manager visited us without any previous notice and donated 50 million won to help people in need. He asked us not to let other people know about this.”

Regarding this, a spokesperson for Keyeast, Kim’s agency, said, “Because he did it personally, we didn’t know about it. We think he just didn’t want to make a big deal out of it.”

Kim has been very popular in this year, releasing two mini albums and ranking first in domestic music charts and TV music programs. He is also releasing a single album in Japan through Universal Japan on January 25 next year. He is already receiving attention from the Japanese music scene and advertising industry.

Kim is holding a fan meeting in Seoul in January next year, and then, he is going to start performing and promoting his first Japanese single album.

Credit to: Starnews
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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Thursday, December 22, 2011

[4D News] Kim Hyun Joong receives attention from the advertising industry in Korea and Japan as a hot icon

Kim Hyun Joong is receiving attention from the advertising industry in Korea and Japan as a new hot icon.

On December 22, Kim’s agency Keyeast reported that Kim is currently receiving attention from the music and advertising industries in Korea and Japan even before his single album release in Japan through Universal Japan.

Kim is already a TV commercial king in Korea and overseas countries. He is currently working as a model of clothing, cosmetics, jewelry, snack, and beauty brands. Also new exclusive modelling contracts for alcoholic beverage, home appliance, and food service brands are now under discussion.

Because he once topped the Oricon Chart, beating Lady Gaga and Beyonce, after the release of his first solo album, Break Down, many people are paying attention to his activities after his single album release.

Kim is holding a fan meeting in Seoul in January next year and releasing a single album in Japan.

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[4D Video] Kim Hyun Joong in 2011 Yahoo! Asia Buzz Awards cut

congratulations, 4D leader =)

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[4D News] Kim Hyun Joong to start the new year with his fans

Kim Hyun Joong will be spending the new year with his fans through his new fan meeting event called ‘2012 Kim Hyun Joong Fanmeeting in Seoul‘.
He’ll be performing songs from his “Break Down” and “Lucky” mini-albums, as well as hold discussion sessions to talk about what 2012 will be like for him and his fans. Since the event is open to fans from all over the world, the diverse turnout is expected to cement his status as a Hallyu superstar.
Reservations for tickets opened up on December 21st, and in moments, the pages were flooded with 10,000 fans, claiming every last seat in just under 30 minutes. Fans that weren’t so lucky are still scrounging on boards and hoping that more dates will be added to the fan meet.
A representative of Key East expressed, “He’s counting down the days to meeting his fans. Even amidst busy preparations for year-end shows, he’s working hard to come up with ways to make the event memorable for his fans.”
After his fan meet, he will be preparing for the release of his Japanese single and promotions.

Source + Photos: Sports Chosun via Naver
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[4D Trans] Kim Hyun Joong's 15th message

Hello^^~~ Good morning keke
Woke up two hours ago and had my ramyeon as my breakfast today keke Washed up & here I am for my greetings
During this week lately I've been very busy, really wanted to take a nice long rest, from filming the Japan's music video part 2 to photoshoot to year-end performance stage.......ㅡㅡ Really forced my eyes to stay wide open during this one week, no kidding ^^;;;;;; ㅋㅋ
Also yesterday went to HongKong & received 4 awards in the ceremony, loosen up the stress, thank you (ㅡㅡ)(__)(ㅡㅡ)kekeke
But my kekekeke <------ didn't mean anything else, don't misunderstand, not a grin just a habit
To say in words in a situation like this and if I continue to write there might be misunderstanding keke Aiks! came just like a habit keke aiks again...ㅡㅡ;;
Now I'm going prepare places to keep presents for me myself & to prepare my year-end performance stage^^
I will show you an eye-candy performance in the year-end performance stage^^
The weather got colder now , although it feels a bit empty at the side, live happily
Merry Christmas^^ Happy New Year
I've been listening to songs like Kim Yeonwoo's Closer to (더 가까이), I like it very much so I've been listening to it since this morning ^^
I hope everyone can try & listen to it too..
Thanks for your love throughout all this time & also this year ^^
Hope to end this busy year fruitfully

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[4D News] Kim Hyun Joong is the Prince of Asia

Kim Hyun Joong dominated the 2011 Yahoo! Asia Buzz Awards, taking home four trophies and solidifying his status as one of the most sought after hallyu stars. The Yahoo! Buzz Awards gathers data from searches that have been made on its search engine throughout the year, announces the hottest trends, and awards its hottest celebs. 
This year’s ceremony took place last night, December 20, at the Hong Kong Convention Center. Kim Hyun Joong received the “Asia Top Buzz Male Artist Award,” a prestigious title that is awarded to the most popular star in Asia. He also won the “Taiwan Top Buzz Solo Artist,” the “Hong Kong Top Buzz Solo Artist,” and the “Korea Top Buzz Solo Artist.”
Kim Hyun Joong thanked his international fans in English, “I would like to thank my fans for all the love they’ve shown me throughout my activities. I will show you an even better side of me next year.”
A representative of Korean broadcasting channel stated, “Through his various promotions this, Kim Hyun Joong has earned enormous popularity and has successfully transitioned into a solo artist. He has established himself not only as a singer, but also as an actor, throughout Asia, and I predict his popularity will continue to grow.”
On December 15, Kim Hyun Joong presented his fans with a special Christmas gift by releasing a digital single titled “Marry Me.”


[4D News] Kim Hyun Joong received 4 awards at 2011 Yahoo! Asia Buzz Awards

Kim Hyun Joong was honored with four trophies at the ‘2011 Yahoo! Asia Buzz Awards‘, proving once again that he’s the one of the leading Hallyu stars of Asia.
The awards ceremony takes in data gathered from Yahoo!’s search engine throughout the year to honor the hottest stars. Held at the Hong Kong Convention Center on the night of December 20th, Kim Hyun Joong came away with 56 million online votes, earning him the trophies of ‘Asia Top Buzz Solo Artist‘, ‘Korea Top Buzz Solo Artist‘, ‘Hong Kong Top Buzz Solo Artist‘, and ‘Taiwan Top Buzz Solo Artist‘. It was a special moment for fans, as it marked his 3rd consecutive year winning at the ceremony.
Kim Hyun Joong thanked his international fans in English upon receiving the awards. “I’d like to thank my fans for their endless love and support throughout my promotion. I hope to repay you with a better image next year.”
A Korean broadcasting official added, “Kim Hyun Joong earned great popularity with his solo promotions all year long. He’s made a name for himself not only as a singer, but also as an actor, all over Asia, and I predict that his popularity will only reach greater heights.”
Fellow K-Pop star Super Junior also came away with four awards at the same event.

Source + Photos: Chosun
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[4D Photo] Kim Hyun Joong holding his awards from Yahoo! Asia Buzz Awards 2011

Credit to: Keyeast Official Facebook

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[4D VIDS] Kim Hyun Joong Marry Me / Marry You Official MV

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김현중 Marry Me


김현중 Marry You

[4D Lyrics] Kim Hyun Joong - Marry Me / Marry You

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I laugh for no reason
I get happy for no reason
It's so soft - everything is aromatic

Your voice is already like a spell cast on me
I thank you - it's the first I felt like this

Don't say anything and please hug me
Please accept my heart

Every morning I open my eyes
And drink the morning coffee
It feels just like a dream

On days I feel blue, you hold me
I promise that moment I swear (I swear on this moment)
Will you be that kind of love to me?
This is a love song for you (love song)

Whether you really don't know
Or you just can't catch it
Or if you know how much my heart is burning

My heart is only you
But you only look at other people
You don't know how I feel so much

Don't say anything and please kiss me
Please accept my love

Every morning I open my eyes
And drink the morning coffee
It feels just like a dream

On days I feel blue, you hold me
I promise that moment I swear (I swear on this moment)
Will you be that kind of love to me?
This is love is for you (love)

I promise that I'll never change
I promise you eternity

Your two cheeks blush
You shyly lower your head
I will love you forever

Every day in the same bed
Every day dreaming the same dreams yeah

A sweet kiss with you
Please only love me
I will promise you

I Promise That Moment I Swear (I swear on this moment)
Please accept my heart
This is a love song for you (love song)

This is a love song for you (love song) 

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

[4D News] Kim Hyun joong To Release Thank You Song For His Fans

After having a successful run as a solo artist with the songs "Break Down" and "Lucky" earlier this year, Kim Hyun-joong is planning on releasing a digital single titled "Marry Me" to thank his fans.

The song features an acoustic melody promising eternal love, quite appropriate to sum up his sentiments towards his biggest supporters. Kim is said to have been personally involved in the making of the song.

The single will contain a music video using sand animation as well as photos submitted by Kim's fans. These photos are from a recent event where Kim had asked his fans via his homepage to send in some of the happiest moments of their lives captured in photos. 1,000 such photos will be included in two released music videos.

Look forward to "Marry Me" as it will be released December 15th.
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Monday, December 5, 2011

[4D News] Kim HyunJoong Confirmed To Cast In TV Chosun's Drama 'SPEED'

Debuting from the idol group SS501, singer Kim Hyun Joong is confirmed to star in Jongpyun channel, TV Chosun, upcoming latest drama 'Speed' as the lead cast.

As reported from broadcast medias, Kim Hyun Joong is confirmed as the lead actor for the expected new mini series drama next year April called 'Speed'.
According to the TV Chosun's authority on 5th December through the line with MyDaily, 'We've already discussed with the agency regarding the details of Kim HyunJoong's casting in the drama. Still, we have not sign the contract'.

On the other hand, Kim Hyun Joong's agency, KeyEast's representative said, 'We received the offers and we are still currently reviewing it positively'.

The blockbuster drama 'Speed' depicts a car-racing plot and it garnered many attentions as the director for this drama, Yang Yunho have also directed the movies 'Libera Me', 'Fighter In The Wind', and also KBS2 TV drama 'Iris'.

Aside from Kim Hyun Joong, actor Lee JungJae and SNSD's member Sooyoung are also expected to join the cast. It is known that Kim HyunJoong will be putting aside his solo singer's activities and focus on the acting industry in the first half of 2012. 

Added from OSEN:

According to Kim HyunJoong's representatives: We have received the offer but we are still currently reviewing the offer. However, nothing had been decided yet since there are still many points to be precisely reviewed. 

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[4D Vid/ Info] The reason why Kim Hyun Joong didn't show up in MAMA's Red Carpet

Snob award goes to Kim Hyun Joong?? We don't agree >_< It wasn't his choice to not appear there!

A fan account from SP501 from
"From what I could see, I believe that Hyun Joong was all ready to walk the red carpet. 
It's just that they had a bit of a hiccup with the traffic, and the cars couldn't get out of the carpark and loop back quickly enough to take the artistes to the red carpet. The show was running late. So, he was unable to walk the red carpet because they had to cut this short and start the show inside on time.... 

The carpark had only ONE entrance and exit access, so, as VIPs like the invited guests and the Korean Ambassador to Singapore started arriving, the cars used for ferrying the stars to the red carpet couldn't get out... there was also a massive jam outside the car park, which means the ferrying of the stars from one side of the stadium to the red carpet was backed up - so I guess that's why they ran out of time, and had to cut down the number of stars walking the red carpet. 

On tv, one would think the stars come from somewhere else - to "arrive" at the red carpet. 
Sorry to burst your bubble.
They actually "arrive" at the venue - from backstage."
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[4D Photos] Kim Hyun Joong First Tour in Japan 2011 Photos from PIA LIVE PHOTO MAGAZINE

Awesome photos!

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